Methods of Policy Analysis

Erik Devereux has written a new textbook, Methods of Policy Analysis: Creating, Deploying and Assessing Theories of Change. The 174 page textbook includes detailed case studies on reducing tobacco consumption and responding to homelessness among young adults, and analyses of sea level rise from climate change, obesity, and the Black-White gap in college completion rates.

The textbook is now available in Amazon Kindle format at the low price of US$9.99. Amazon offers free apps to read the book in this format on multiple devices.
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Table of Contents:
Part 1: Introduction
  • Public Policy Analysis
  • An Example of Public Policy Analysis
Part 2: Process Models
  • Overview of Process Models
  • Timelines, Sequences, Exits
  • Games Against Nature
  • Market Processes
  • Stocks, Flows and Rates
Part 3: Theories of Change
  • Creating Theories of Change
  • Changing Market Outcomes
  • Assessing Alternatives
  • Homeless Young Adults
Part 4: Conclusion
  • Writing the Report
  • The Policy Analyst's Toolkit
  • Notes to All Chapters
Recent Course Adoptions:

Summer 2017: University of Minnesota, Humphrey School of Public Affairs. Course: Executive Leadership Institute. Instructor: Samuel L. Myers, Jr.

Fall 2017: American University, School of Public Affairs. Course: Foundations of Policy Analysis (multiple sections). Instructor: Karen Baehler.