Recent Research Projects

Olivia Devereux, Environmental Scientist:
​​EPA-Chesapeake Bay Program (Annapolis, MD): Conduct the needs assessment and system functionality assessment to build the "AST" suite of online decision support tools for water quality management planning in the Bay watershed (work completed with J7 LLC):
EPA-Chesapeake Bay Program (Annapolis, MD): Research on multi-objective optimization in watershed management planning. Determine how to use measures of effectiveness and efficiency in automatic optimization of watershed improvement plans. Incorporate optimization into the BayFAST suite of tools.
University of Maryland (College Park, MD): Under an EPA grant, conduct research to support the development and implementation of Scenario Builder which provides the inputs into the Chesapeake Bay Program Watershed Model.
EPA Region III (Philadelphia, PA): Support the evaluation of nutrient trading and offset programs among Chesapeake Bay jurisdictions. Design and administer survey questionnaires to gather input from the jurisdictions regarding implementation of trading and offsets.
Erik Devereux, Social Scientist:
Social Science Consultants on behalf of Allies for Children (Pittsburgh, PA): Conduct an extensive, structured literature review of childhood interventions, to assist with planning for advocacy on children's issues in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.
Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis (Seattle, WA): Identify sources of future foundation and corporate support for the society by cross-referencing giving to similar organizations among 600 potential donors. Use the results to set priorities for grant applications.
Social Science Consultants on behalf of the United Nations/World Health Organization (South Pacific): Conduct statistical analysis of data from the Family Health and Safety Survey as administered in several Pacific nations, prepare tables of results to be used in reports and publications, supply highly structured and documented Stata programs and Stata outputs for future use.

University of Washington, Evans School of Public Policy and Governance (Seattle, WA): Research alternatives for staffing different version of the MPA capstone, prepare a summary report.
United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (New York, NY): Prepare detailed statistics for the results of the annual partner survey to support the preparation of 37 separate reports, supply highly structured and documented Stata programs and Stata outputs for future use.